Car Rental Services

Kudya car rentals was created for you who need a car long term. Maybe your car is broken down for a few months, or you’re in town for a few months. It could also be that you’re saving up to get your own car, but currently use Uber, Bolt or Yango everyday. We offer a better option. Where you’re virtually the owner and we only step in to do major maintenance once a while.

Our Process


Choose Car

Select your preferred fuel efficient car from our fleet. Choose a car that fits your personality and vibe.


Crosscheck Documents

We check your license & other relevant documents, confirm that you are who you say you are & receive payments.


Start Driving

Own the car, choose to drive yourself, or have a Kudya Driver to intensify the pleasant experience!


Kudya is all about experiences, moments and memories. Our cars are set up to ensure you enjoy the utmost comfort and have a flexible and relaxing ride wherever and whenever you drive a Kudya car!


Major maintenances that need to happen for all our cars, such part changes and the like are tackled on time by Kudya. We don’t want you to be left stranded somewhere because of delayed maintenance.


Our rates are monthly subscriptions. You can pay for all the months upfront or split the payments per month. You have the opportunity to run your own car instead of always ride sharing or taxi!


Fuel Efficient

Very swift 1.5L - 1.8L engines that save you lots of money because you buy fuel and it lasts longer than most average cars. Great car, affordable pricing, low fuel consumption. Count you in?


Your safety and the car’s functionality is important to us. So we monitor you and the cars, we have modern GPS trackers attached to help us detect any faults. Just in case you need some help!

Road Worthy

You only get cars that have met all the DVLA specifications. Kudya values our clients and so we go all lengths to ensure that you have no issues on the road by being compliant to DVLA requirements.


Car Rentals

USD 800/mo

Delivery Service

Delivery Service

Rental Service

Rental Service