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Kudya Food

Your cakes, local and continental dishes delivered in great shape from any of your favorite restaurants or bakeries in Accra.
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Kudya Errands

We run your personal and official errands for you. Getting groceries, picking up laundry, making payments, post office rounds.
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Kudya Domestic

All your domestic courier services around Accra. Pickup & delivery of clothing, documents, jewelry, electronics, gifts, etc.
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Kudya Rentals

Fuel efficient cars at your disposal on a monthly subscription basis. Own the car, drive yourself around be it rain or shine.
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Within Accra

GH¢ 10 - 25

Outside Greater Accra

GH¢ 30 - 40

Car Rentals

USD 800/mo

The Kudya

Professional Deliveries

Kudya isn’t all about parcel deliveries and car rentals alone. We are concerned about the ones who handle your food, parcels, documents and every other item we pickup and deliver for you. We pride ourselves in reading the situation and making sure we deliver our best and professional service to you. Kudya comes with:

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Delivery Service

Delivery Service

Rental Service

Rental Service